Brisbane Yoshinkan Aikido now on Twitter

1 Jun 2009

The Dojo is now on Twitter, updates from the website will also be posted to the the Twitter feed. 
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2008 Demonstration Poster

Dojo Calendar on Google

5 Jan 2009

You can now view our Dojo Calendar using Google Calendar! If you're not familiar with Google Calendar, visit the Google Calendar site to find out more.

We have two calendars available, one for daily class times and one for monthly events. To find them, search for "aikido brisbane" in the Public Calendars.

13th Annual Demonstration 2008

5 Jul 2008

Preparations are underway for the Dojo's 13th Annual Demonstration next month! Please mark this date in your calendar or, even better, link to our dojo Calendar using Google Calendar.

Full details of the event can be viewed on the Annual Demonstration page of our website.

Two New Video Clips

3 Sep 2007

Two new video clips have been added to our growing collection in the last few weeks. Click on the links below to view them.
Mori Sensei at the 12th Annual Demonstration
Mori Sensei at Dojo KO 2005
You can also view our entire collection of video clips by clicking the Video Clip menu option or by visiting the Aikido Yoshinkan YouTube channel at

New Video Clips

1 Aug 2007

Several new video clips have been loaded onto YouTube in the past few weeks. Click on the links below to view them.
Aikido Yoshinkan TV Ad
Mori Sensei - Aikido Institute Demo 06
Mori Sensei & Students at the 50th Annual Demo Japan 05
11th Annual Demonstration Brisbane Dojo
You can also view all of our video clips by clicking the Video Clip menu option or by visiting the Aikido Yoshinkan YouTube channel at

12th Annual Demonstration

17 Jul 2007

Preparations are well under way for next month's 12th Annual Demonstration. Be sure to mark Sunday 26th August on your calendar so you don't miss this year's demonstration by Mori Sensei and the students of Brisbane Yoshinkan Dojo. The annual demonstration is always an entertaining event where the public get a chance to see first hand how the Dojo is progressing and watch some world class Yoshinkan Aikido in action.

Brisbane Aikidoka Clips Online

24 Mar 2007

A number of clips from the Dojo's Brisbane Aikidoka DVD have been put online in YouTube.Sensei & Eagle

To view the clips, click on the links below:


  • Yokomen-uchi Jiyu-waza
  • Shomen-uchi Jiyu-waza
  • Ushiro Ryote-mochi Jiyu-waza
  • Katate-mochi Jiyu-waza

Weapons Demonstration

  • Tanto-dori Jiyu-waza
  • Jo Jiyu-waza
  • Ken-dori Jiyu-waza

For links to all of our online videos, click on the Video Clips menu option on the left.

Brisbane Aikidoka DVD

23 Mar 2007

The Brisbane Aikidoka DVD is now available. The DVD covers the history of Mori Sensei and the Brisbane Yoshinkan Dojo and also includes interviews and footage of Sensei performing Jiyu-waza and weapons techniques.

If you would like to own a copy of this DVD, please contact the Dojo at

Back Online - New Host

4 Mar 2007

We're happy to annouce we've completed the migration to a new hosting service. Unfortunately the changeover took the site offline for a few days and we apologise to anyone who may have been trying to reach us during this period. Now that we are back online however we hope to have eliminated the problems we've experienced over the last few months!

Video Clips Menu Option

25 Nov 2006

As part of an ongoing effort to host all our video clips on YouTube, we have now added a Video Clips menu option on the left hand side.

Selecting this option will display a page with links to all of our YouTube hosted video clips were you can select and view them at your leisure!