Self Defence


Self Defence in this world today is the skills many people would like to learn. Our style of Aikido, Yoshinkan, is one of the best martial arts to gain the skills of self defence, being the style trained by Riot Police in Tokyo, Japan. Also, this is the style trained by Female Police Officers in Tokyo as the techniques do not require much strength while they are very practical.

Mori Sensei has developed a Self Defence and Aikido Introductory Course in Yoshinkan Aikido. Running over a four-week period, the course takes interested people through Self-defence techniques and the fundamentals of Aikido. Some advantages to this approach are that students can:

  • Learn at a friendly, relaxed pace
  • Learn alongside fellow beginners
  • Obtain a taste of Aikido's basic and advanced techniques
  • Enter training at minimal cost
  • Learn from experienced instructors
  • Enjoy a "no pressure" & "no strings attached" level of commitment
  • Increase levels of fitness, co-ordination and confidence

Participants are professionally guided through:

  • Dojo etiquette
  • Warming Up excercises
  • Basic stances, strikes and movements
  • Breakfalling
  • Self defence techniques

This format provides students with a physical, first-hand insight into Aikido practice, and we find that most participants choose to stay on after the course, to participate in regular classes.

Each course spans four-weeks
Tuesday and Thursday nights
6:00pm - 7:00pm
Course fee - $60 total (8 lessons, 1st class free for a trial)
Please call Shuko Mori on (07) 3255 0155 to book a place in an upcoming course or send an email for more information.

2017 Self Defence and Aikido Introductory Course Schedule

Month Dates
January 10th - 2nd Feb
February 7th - 2nd Mar
March 7th - 30th
April 4th - 27th
May 2nd - 25th
June 6th - 29th
July 4th - 27th
August 1st - 24th
September    6th - 29th
October 5th - 28th
November 3rd - 26th
December 5th - 28th


Classes are held every Tuesday and Thursday 6:00 - 7:00 pm