Self Defence Martial Arts & Practical Aikido

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Self Defence & Aikido Introductory Course

Starting the first Tuesday every month, special price $60 for four weeks for two classes a week

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Children and Teen Classes

Children and teens at Brisbane Dojo train hard and enjoy class thoroughly.

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*Free 1st Lesson!* "New-structured" Self Defence and Aikido Introductory Course for March 2018 is ready for Booking!

13 Feb 2018

Free 1st class trial "New-structured" Self Defence and Aikido Introductory Course is staring on Tuesday the 6th March. You will learn simple and effective self defence skills during the 1st lesson for free and if you wish to keep learning, then you can sign up for the rest of the course by paying the course fee of just $60. This four week course is now reviewed and renewed so as to learn more self defence techniques and to experience Aikido basics. Please see the "Self Defence and Aikido Introductory Course" section for more details. Beginners are very welcome to join and train in our friendly environment.

February 2018 Newsletter is uploaded!

28 Jan 2018

The February 2018 Newsletter is now available for reading in Newsletter section. Please enjoy reading an article contributed by Ken Windress, Shodan, from "Sharing the feeling of Black Belts."

December 2017 Newsletter is uploaded now.

22 Nov 2017

The December 2017 Newsletter is now available for reading in Newsletter section, which contains the latest news and Godan Black Belt article contributed by Jason Willimas. Please enjoy reading his deep insight about Aikido and training with his broad experiences from the long years of training! 

22nd Annual Demonstration 2017

27 Aug 2017