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Self Defence & Aikido Introductory Course

Starting the first Tuesday every month, free first class trial or $120 for four weeks for two classes a week

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Children's Classes

Children and teens at Brisbane Dojo train hard and enjoy class thoroughly.

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Aikido and Self-defence Introductory Course for June 2021

1 Jun 2021

Free 1st class trial, professionally designed and very well structured Self Defence and Aikido Introductory Course for four weeks is staring on Tuesday 1st June. You will learn how to block attacks, how to fall safely, and simple and effective self defence skills.1st lesson is free for you to try and only if you wish to keep learning, then you can sign up for the rest of the course by paying the course fee of just $120. This four week course is regularly reviewed and renewed to be appropriate for beginners to learn self defence skills efficiently. Please see the "Self Defence and Aikido Introductory Course" section for more details. Beginners are very welcome to join and train in our friendly environment.

May 2021 Newsletter is uploaded!

24 Apr 2021

May 2021 Newsletter is ready to read. Congratulations on those students who graded in April. Please enjoy reading an article contributed by Tfer Newsome who achieved the rank of Shodan at the last month's shinsa. It is always interesting to know other people's Aikido journey. In May, the dojo holds a special class, "Police Aikido Techniques" on Saturday 15th 1pm~. Sensei will share his knowledge of Aikido techniques used by Police in Japan, not quite self-defence but rather used in an "active" way.  

April 2021 Newsletter is uploaded!

28 Mar 2021

April 2021 newsletter is now ready to read. Congratulatons on those who graded this month, especially for big grading tests such as Shodan, Jun-Nidan and Nidan. Lots of hard work were put into for the preparation that Mori Sensei appreciates highly, and your performances on the day were superb! The dojo is open tomorrow on Monday and we wish everyone keeps training without pressure of grading tests now.

March 2021 Newsletter is uploaded!

27 Feb 2021

March 2021 Newsletter is now ready to read. I hope you will find Mori Sensei's article interesting explaining about  'the colour of the logo and name embroidered on black belt' in Brisbane Dojo. Have a wonderful March!