Mori Sensei


Michiharu Mori Sensei (born in Japan, 22 May 1966)


  1. 8th Dan Goshu-ryu Aiki Jujutsu and Aikido
  2. Title of Shihan (expert instructor)
  3. Advanced instructor’s certificate
  4. Eligibility to grade up to 6th Dan


  • Uchi-deshi (full-time live-in disciple of Master) – the last direct student of Master Gozo Shioda (the legend of modern Japanese Budo world), intensively trained at Headquarters of Aikido Yoshinkan for nine years where he also taught. Prior to become an Aikido professional, he trained boxing for three years.
  • Completed 22nd Riot Policeman and Professional Aikido Instructor’s Course in 1986.
  • Achievement of Ranks: 5th Dan in 1993, 6th Dan in 2001, 7th Dan in 2007, 8th Dan in 2018
  • After travelling Australia, USA and Canada to research where to start his own dojo in 1994, he established Aikido Yoshinkan Brisbane Dojo, now as Goshu-ryu Aiki Jujutsu,  here in Australia in 1995.

Teaching Experiences

  • Mori Sensei is recognised worldwide by the international Yoshinkan Aikido Federation
  • Qld and Victoria Police - Australia
  • Tokyo Metropolitan Police - Tokyo
  • Metropolitan Riot Police - Tokyo
  • Foreign Instructors course - Tokyo
  • Commando and Special Forces -Australia, India and Japan
  • International Seminars and Clinics -Australia, India, USA, Canada, Malta, Poland, Ukraine and Japan

Practical Aiki Jujutsu – Goshu-ryu style Aiki Jujutsu (Australian style Aiki Jujutsu)

  • Based on Yoshinkan style Aiki Mori Sensei developed The Practical Aiki Jujutsu; condensed into realistically usable techniques on the streets against all sorts of strikes, punches and kicks.
  • By teaching rather big and strong Australians for nearly thirty years, he realised the necessity of modifying Yoshinkan style to fit with the requirements of his Australian students. There, he devised and has been instructing the realistic skills in today’s society while keeping the traditional methods as its foundation.


  • While Aikido training is purely physical, Mori Sensei places a high value on learning respect, gratitude, discipline, propriety and harmony.
  • The class is designed to rediscover oneself and learn how to overcome one’s weakness to improve oneself.
  • Mori Sensei guides you, not only teaching Aiki Jujutsu skills, to have your life more contented.


Mori Sensei has also been featured in many magazine and newspaper articles. The Australian martial-arts magazine Blitz featured Sensei in two issues, which they entitled "Aikido's 9 Year Uchi Deshi". You can read Sensei's contribution here.