Adult classes


All the adult classes are taken by Shihan Mori Sensei 8th Dan who has been teaching professional Aiki Jujutsu for more than thirty years. He has achieved an extraordinary level of Aiki Jujutsu, teaching experiences of QLD & VIC Police, Tokyo Metropolitan Police, Commands and Special Forces in Australia, Japan and India, and teaching Aiki Jujutsu in more countries like USA, Canada, Malta and Poland.

Basic and General Class: All the beginners are welcome to start in these classes

  • Basic stance - learn your centre,balance, feet and hands positions
  • Basic attacks - various punches, strikes and kicks
  • Basic movements - develop your strength and concentration power, learn steps and turns
  • Basic techniques - various joint-locks, self-defence throws

 Advanced Class: Students who have learnt basic skills and breakfall can attend these classes

  • Advanced techniques - against faster and diverse attacks, more complicated skills
  • Weapons - learn how to use weapons (knife, sword, staff) as well as disarming techniques
  • Handling multiple attackers - learn tactics and movements to deal with multiple attackers
  • Aiki-waza - concentration techniques

Although techniques are real and physically challenging to train, the atmosphere of our dojo is very friendly, practising the principle of Aiki Jujutsu in harmony. What we earn from the training is not just Aiki Jujutsu and Self-defence skills but also learn a way to focus on anything we need or to work in harmony with anybody we face to, so important skills for our lives!

A quote that Mori Sensei strives to live by is: "the student is the Master, and the Master is the student". Here, at our dojo, we all respect each other; we learn from being taught and we also learn through teaching someone and keeping this kind of attitude makes the place to be so pleasant.

Goshu-ryu Aiki Jujutsu Dojo delivers first class aikido training in an environment that is rigorous, exciting and fun. Beginners and visitors are always welcome.