Self Defence and Aikido Introductory Course for March 2020

3 Mar 2020

Free 1st class trial, professionally designed and very well structured Self Defence and Aikido Introductory Course for four weeks is staring on Tuesday the 3rd March. You will learn how to block attacks, how to fall safely, and simple and effective self defence skills.1st lesson is free for you to try and only if you wish to keep learning, then you can sign up for the rest of the course by paying the course fee of just $120. This four week course is regularly reviewed and renewed to be appropriate for beginners to learn self defence skills efficently. Please see the "Self Defence and Aikido Introductory Course" section for more details. Beginners are very welcome to join and train in our friendly environment.

February 2020 Newsletter is uploaded!

31 Jan 2020

February 2020 Newsletter is uploaded now. Please enjoy reaing Nidan article from Roland Thompson.

January 2020 Newsletter is uploaded!

22 Dec 2019

January 2020 Newsletter is now uploaded which contains 2020 yearly calendar. Please mark the dates for annual demo, special events and monthly grading tests in your diary.

December 2019 Newsletter is uploaded!

1 Dec 2019

December 2019 Newsletter is uploaded. Please see the schedule for Christmas and New Year's break and enjoy reading Mori Sensei's article "A dedication to the public, the spirit of samurai."

November 2019 Newsletter is uploaded!

27 Oct 2019

November 2019 Newsletter is uploaded now. Please enjoy reading an excellent article from Van Morris, achiving Shodan black belt.

October 2019 Newsletter is uploaded!

30 Sep 2019

October 2019 Newsletter is now uploaded. It contains September grading results and Mori Sensei's article "Sharing some of my old uchi-deshi memorries." Hope you enjoy reading.

September 2019 Newsletter is uploaded!

26 Aug 2019

September 2019 Newsletter is now uploaded. It contains the names of 24th Annual demonstration winners and their paragraphs. Please enjoy reading!

24th Annual Demonstration 2019 is approaching!

4 Aug 2019

August 2019 Newsletter is uploaded!

22 Jul 2019

August 2019 Newsletter is now available. You'll find the schedule for our 24th annual demonstration day and two articles from Nidan Black Belts, Vladimir Roudakov and Janna Malikova who graded in last June. Please enjoy reading!

July 2019 Newsletter is uploaded!

1 Jul 2019

July 2019 Newsletter is now available for reading in Newsletter section. Congratulations on all those who graded in June. It is always inspiring to see your focused performing. Mori Sensei has contributed an article to encourage us for training hard towards the demo, "Training for three years ahead."