April 2021 Newsletter is uploaded!

28 Mar 2021

April 2021 newsletter is now ready to read. Congratulatons on those who graded this month, especially for big grading tests such as Shodan, Jun-Nidan and Nidan. Lots of hard work were put into for the preparation that Mori Sensei appreciates highly, and your performances on the day were superb! The dojo is open tomorrow on Monday and we wish everyone keeps training without pressure of grading tests now.

March 2021 Newsletter is uploaded!

27 Feb 2021

March 2021 Newsletter is now ready to read. I hope you will find Mori Sensei's article interesting explaining about  'the colour of the logo and name embroidered on black belt' in Brisbane Dojo. Have a wonderful March!

February 2021 Newsletter is uploaded!

30 Jan 2021

February 2021 Newsletter is now ready to read. Congratulatons on those who graded on 29th and 30th, excellent performance! Mori Sensei is very pleased to see new students are grading. We are very grateful that our environment in Brisbane allows us to train normally, no need of masks! We hope you will keep enjoying your training in February.

The dojo reopens tonight from the second class 7.15pm.

11 Jan 2021

Osu everyone!We are happy to say that we can reopen the dojo from the second class tonight. Only the thing which is going to be different is wearing a mask while we are training, but only for ten days until 22nd Friday. Let's think we are strengthening our lungs for these ten days. We hope to see you back on training soon. Thank you very much for your kind support and great devotion for the dojo. OSU!

The dojo closure due to Brisbane Lockdown

8 Jan 2021

Osu everyone! Due to Brisbane into Lockdown from 6pm tonight on Friday to 6pm Monday, the dojo has to cancel all the classes on Friday, Saturday and Monday. We will happily reopen on Tuesday. Thank you so much for your kind understanding. Please stay safe everyone! Osu!

January 2021 Newsletter is uploaded!

20 Dec 2020

Osu to all! Congratulations on those people who graded this weekend. Mori Sensei was very pleased with the level demonstrated from all the ranks. January 2021 Newsletter contains the yearly calendar for your convenience. Have a very merry Christmas and a joyous and prosperous new year!

December 2020 Newsletter is uploaded!

28 Nov 2020

Please see our latest Newsletter for December. Congratulations on these students who passed your gradings. Please enjoy reading Mori Sensei's article, "Harmony works." OSU! 

November 2020 Newsletter is uploaded!

31 Oct 2020

Please see our latest newsletter for November. We thank all the students for your diligent training and your supports for the dojo. Mori Sensei is very happy to see everyone's progree in you Aikido. Please enjoy reading Mori Sensei's article, "Dmonstration can be a serious fight." OSU! 

October 2020 Newsletter is uploaded!

26 Sep 2020

Please see our latest newsletter for October. A big thank you to all the students who have been on the mats training hard and congratulations to all the students who graded today! Please enjoy reading Mori Sensei's article, "Aikido is dead?!" OSU! 


September 2020 Newsletter is uploaded!

29 Aug 2020

Please see our latest newsletter that has Mori Sensei's article, "Shu-Ha-Ri." A big applause for those who graded this time and your perfomance was excellent. We are very grateful that we were able to have grading tests after half a year break. Thank you very much for all the students for training with us. OSU!