March 2023 Dojo's Newsletter is uploaded!

25 Feb 2023

Osu everyone! March 2023 Newsletter is uploaded. Mori Sensei writes about the Brisband Dojo's future plan. Happy training!

February 2023 Dojo's newsletter is uploaded!

28 Jan 2023

Osu everyone! Dojo's February Newsletter is uploaded now! Please enjoy reading an article contributed by Lawrence Monforte Godan/5th Dan. Thank you very much for sharing your respectful and grateful insights for us!

January 2023 Dojo's newsletter is uploaded!

21 Dec 2022

January 2023 Newsletter is ready to read now which has a yearly calendar of 2023. Congratulations to Lawrence Monforte for achieving the Godan rank! We wish all of you a very merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year.

December 2022 Dojo's newsletter is uploaded!

28 Nov 2022

Hi all, please see the dojo's December newsletter which has the schedule through Christmas holiday.

November 2022 Dojo's Newsletter is uploaded!

29 Oct 2022

Here is the Dojo's November 2022 Newsletter. Please check on the events in November and enjoy reading Mori Sensei's article "Fear is good." Happy Training!

October 2022 Dojo Newsletter is uploaded!

25 Sep 2022

Here is the dojo's October Newsletter link. We will have a special class on 15th October Saturday from 1pm. Sensei will teach self-defence techniques and Aiki-waza. All the dojo students are encouraged to attend this inspiring class!

September 2022 Dojo's newsletter is uploaded!

27 Aug 2022

Here is September 2022 Dojo's newsletter. Please enjoy reading Mori Sensei's article, "Youthful inconsideration." Everyone, please keep training and enjoy as much as you can! OSU! 

August 2022 Newsletter is uploaded!

23 Jul 2022

Please see the Dojo's August newsletter which contains the program for 27th Annual Demonstration on Saturday 20th August.

July 2022 Dojo's newsletter is uploaded!

2 Jul 2022

July 2022 Newsletter is here for you. Congratulations on those who graded in June Sogo Shinsa. Please enjoy reading an article contributed by Ryan Slavin about how Aikido training saved his life, not only once but three times. A great insight to understand the value of Aikido! OSU!

June 2022 Dojo's Newsletter is

28 May 2022

Please see our June 2022 Dojo Newsletter. We hope you find interesting in reading Sensei's article "Aikido as a Budo, not as a sport." OSU!