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Self Defence & Aikido Introductory Course

Starting the first Tuesday every month, free first class trial or $120 for four weeks for two classes a week

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Children's Classes

Children and teens at Brisbane Dojo train hard and enjoy class thoroughly.

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Covid-safe Action Plan is added to our Resources

2 Jul 2020

The Dojo's Covid-safe Action Plan is added to Resources. We humbly ask your understanding and cooperation to keep the dojo safe for all the students, family members and other people. We thank you all for your ongoing generous support for the dojo.

Woo-hoo!! The dojo can reopen on this Friday 3rd July!

30 Jun 2020

As of today, QLD government has decided to bring the stage 3 forward on this Friday 3rd July. So, the dojo will run back to normal from this Friday onwards! Please return to the dojo to celebrate with lots of "BANGINGS"! Osu!

July 2020 Newsletter is uploaded!

29 Jun 2020

Please see our latest newsletter that has Mori Sensei's article, "A fresh start of Aikido Yoshinkan Brisbane Dojo." Finally, we can reopen the dojo on Friday 10th July. We are so looking forward to it and we sincerely hope we will see our students back on the mats. As it is informed in the newsletter, we will do our best to keep the dojo safe for the students to train while we cannot avoid contacts due to the nature of our activity, learning Aikido techniques. We will focus on getting used to training again in this month and we will start having grading tests from the next month. See you very soon!

Online class videos on Youtube

22 Jun 2020

Please enjoy some class videos and tutorial videos on Youtube. Now, it won't be long until we can restart the training in the dojo!