Demonstration Awards

27 Aug 2006

Congratulations to the following students for their award-winning displays in the Jiyu-waza and Renzoku demonstrations:

Jiyu-waza Awards

  • 1st - Jason Economidis & Eagle Kao
  • 2nd - Ryan Slavin & Aaron Stewart

Renzoku-waza Award

  • Helly Conroy & Joseph Stuart

Aubrey Bannah Award

  • Matt Carpenter
  • Ryan Slavin
  • Mark Davies
  • Jim Stanley

2006 Demonstration DVD

27 Aug 2006

Production of the 2006 Demonstration DVD is well under way and we hope to have it available for purchase by late September/early October 2006.

Anyone wishing to purchase one (or more) will need to write their name on the order form now on the student notice board. Non-students can email us at the address on the Contacts page.