Back Online - New Host

4 Mar 2007

We're happy to annouce we've completed the migration to a new hosting service. Unfortunately the changeover took the site offline for a few days and we apologise to anyone who may have been trying to reach us during this period. Now that we are back online however we hope to have eliminated the problems we've experienced over the last few months!

Video Clips Menu Option

25 Nov 2006

As part of an ongoing effort to host all our video clips on YouTube, we have now added a Video Clips menu option on the left hand side.

Selecting this option will display a page with links to all of our YouTube hosted video clips were you can select and view them at your leisure!

Monthly Newsletters

29 Oct 2006

The monthly Dojo newsletter can now be viewed online. Simply click on the Newsletter menu item on the left to go to the Newsletter page where you will see a list of all currently available newsletters.

You can also view the latest newsletter for November by clicking the image on the left.

New Demonstration Clip

28 Oct 2006

Sensei & Jason WilliamsAnother Demonstration video clip has just been added to YouTube featuring Sensei with Brent Weston as uke.

Sensei Jiyu-waza with Brent Weston
Well worth watching!

Demonstration Clips Online

26 Oct 2006

Several short video clips from the Demonstration DVD can now be viewed online at YouTube.

Click on the following links to watch:

  • 2006 DVD Opening Clip
  • Sensei Jiyu-waza with Emmanuel Economidis
  • Sensei Jiyu-waza with Jason Economidis
  • Sensei Jiyu-waza with Jason Williams

Share them with your friends and family!

Demonstration DVD

25 Oct 2006

We're pleased to announce the 11th Annual Demonstration DVD is now available! Although a few weeks overdue, we're confident everyone will be happy with the result. See Richard Diehm or Douglas Buchanan at the Dojo to collect your copy.

11th Annual Demonstration

27 Aug 2006

Sensei & Jason Economidis On Sunday 20th August 2006, Aikido Yoshinkan Brisbane held its 11th Annual Demonstration at Sommerville House in South Brisbane. Thanks to everyone for a tremendous effort in helping to make the day a success.

Demonstration Awards

27 Aug 2006

Congratulations to the following students for their award-winning displays in the Jiyu-waza and Renzoku demonstrations:

Jiyu-waza Awards

  • 1st - Jason Economidis & Eagle Kao
  • 2nd - Ryan Slavin & Aaron Stewart

Renzoku-waza Award

  • Helly Conroy & Joseph Stuart

Aubrey Bannah Award

  • Matt Carpenter
  • Ryan Slavin
  • Mark Davies
  • Jim Stanley

2006 Demonstration DVD

27 Aug 2006

Production of the 2006 Demonstration DVD is well under way and we hope to have it available for purchase by late September/early October 2006.

Anyone wishing to purchase one (or more) will need to write their name on the order form now on the student notice board. Non-students can email us at the address on the Contacts page.